Monday, December 14, 2009



Our shopping theme ended up being scarves and underware.. I am not sure how it happened, but everyone on seemed to buy some of each. I have a new drink. I will write more about the trip in a little bit, but had to post this picture. It is my acai blueberry vodka martini... OH HOLY HELL it was good. I have my cell phone behind it to light it enough so Kristen could get the photo.. Cool picture huh?
More to come as soon as I round up some more photos.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My dear sweet motivation,

I understand that sometimes everyone needs a break from each other. I just wonder if you could choose a better time for these hiatuses than when I need you most.
Please Hurry home.
Love Tracy

cars cars everywhere

So we have started the lovely task of getting new cars. When we were first married, we bought new cars one year apart. Well, that was 10 years ago. We both are getting to the point where we need new cars. There is one difference between then and know. We have have 2 kids and can't purchase two cars at the same time. So we have been weighing the options of who gets the new car first and how long we wait. Yesterday we drove 4 cars. Two of the cars were while Cait was in preschool and the other 2 were after preschool. First we went to the Nissan dealership. They were the rudest people we have EVER seen. We were in and out of there in less than five minutes. The car they showed us was covered in mud, the pockets in the doors were stuffed with trash, there was a car seat and 3 or 4 coats in the backseat. If we would have wanted to sit in it, we would have been shoving things out of the way. It was disgusting. So then we headed off to the BMW dealer. This is Randy's dream car. I personally don't see any difference in that car vs. a less expensive car, but then what do I really know. Anyway, we drove the 228 and the 335. I would be very nervous if he got the 335. He has a hard time remembering when he is in a jet and when he is in a car to begin with. This car would only intensify matters.. IT is FAST..
They were however, extremely nice there.

Then it was off to the Nissan dealer in another town. They were much nicer. The first car we drove was the Maxima.. Now I love this car. But I grew up with Nissans so I am partial to them anyway. Randy seemed to really like it. It drove nice too. Then as we were pulling back on the lot, I asked him if he had any Armadas..He said, "oh yes, right here, do you want to drive one?"
me: "UMMMM YESS!!' For a beast (which any of those big SUV's are) I LOVED it. I got those butterflies in my stomach and it just felt cozy. I have also driven an Expedition for the last 10 years. It is big and trucky. The Armada is big, but feels like a car.. Ahh heaven.

So which car did we choose? Well, none of them. We are in the early stages, but I think we have it narrowed down.. But the car payment, that will be quite an adjustment. We haven't had one of those in 4 years.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Will you still be my friend?

So I wonder if I have ANY friends left out there....

I am going to try and step up my blog game. I miss you guys. I can't believe how much has happened in bloggy world since I left.

I won't even attempt to play catch up on my world. I think I will just jump in and start from here.

Here is a little taste into my world.. My "bliss".. RUNNING>>

This was from a local turkey trot I ran on Turkey Day. I am by no means fast, but I do love it and my foot seem to be holding, for the most part so I am very excited about that. I start training for my first half in mid December..

I am back. I've missed you. Anyone still there?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

diving in.. or runniing in

I have had my second and final cortisone shot. The next step is surgery (when it becomes too bad and I can't stand it anymore, and it is no where near that ) So I am going to start slowly and run. I figure if I know where its going anyway, I might as well enjoy myself until I have to have surgery right? And believe me, my kids will also thank me for it. Can you say"much happier mom"?
Oh and I do plan to get back to regular scheduled posts. We leave for vaca to St. Lucia by way of Illinois (kiddo dropping) I am sure there will be plenty of photos. The problem with blogger now is I have to drop the size of the photos before I post them, so it just takes time and I haven't done it.. Some day soon.


Oh and our intern has arrived. The girls LOVE her. She has been super busy, but she has been here for 4 days. She will be with us until mid December. She is interning in the preschool ministry at our church. She is really nice.

Monday, August 10, 2009

why won't a picture I sent to blogger post?

Sunday, August 9, 2009

my foot ~almost~ cure


I have a VERY close relationship with my podiatrist. And for those of you who know me.. I DON'T like feet and even worse, REALLY don't like people touching my feet. I have been on three different anti-inflammatory drugs. They give me horrible canker sores.. Dr. also gave me a topical anti-inflam.. It was awesome. The only problem, was he gave me a sample tube. It lasted only one week. When I went to get my prescription filled it was $94. INSURANCE WOULDN'T PAY FOR IT BECAUSE IT IS TOO NEW.. Needless to say, I didn't get it. It wasn't doing too much more than the pills were.

A friend of mine is a 3rd year resident. He (with the experience he has) has not seen a tarsal tunnel injury heal on its own without surgery. GREAT!

Anyway, my physical therapist (I have a medical professional for just about anything anymore), who is also my favorite babysitters mom showed me a way to wrap my foot a while back. The ball of my foot and around was hurting when I first started running. I decided to use that wrap to see if it would help. Do you know it is helping? I don't think it is healing it, but it does take away some of the pain.. I am not sure if I can wrap my foot everyday forever, but it is a fix for now. I go to the doctor on Wednesday...AGAIN. Hopefully he will say I can run.

The Arc Trainer at the gym has been a lifesaver. It is kind of like an elliptical, but different. I am still holding out hope I will get to run a 10k in DC in October.
I took a photo of it and sent it to blogger via my phone, but it hasn't shown up yet.

We are leaving for vacation soon. St. Lucia by way of Illinois. Yes my friends (if there are any left out there) Randy and I are going on a vacation for our 10Th anniversary. Of course we are going in August instead of October because then the girls will be in school. We are dropping the kiddos off with my family and heading out. Oh sun... Oh beach... Oh endless all inclusive drinks..