Friday, February 8, 2008

Come take a tour of my house (or at least the upstairs!)

Since there are very few people who actually make it all the way out here to my house, I thought I would give you a little tour of the house or the portion we have completely overhauled (mainly Randy, but I helped as much as I could...

These two pictures are of the girls bathroom that I just repainted. I changed the drawer pulls out and Randy added the towel hangers. I put a few pictures up for some decoration. Do you see my bow hanger. I love it. My friend Jody gave it to Madison when she was born it is a great way to keep my bows organized

This is my guest room. I love this room. It is the same color as the bathroom pictures above. I as most of you know have gotten to live and travel to some really (and some not so) neat places. I picked up very few things from each place, but Did manage to assemble a few things. Most them were from Korea, China, and other countries in that area. I really like the look in here. To me it just looks finished and It doesn't scream orient to me.
There is one more picture I want to take and post from this room. The opposing wall has very little furniture, but I love the wall decorations. Madison is currently resting in there, so that will have to wait.
Oh my sweet girl room. It is purple. Randy was really good about this color. Each bed has a trundle under it. The yellow nightstand is the same color as the accent color in their matching quilts. Where are the quilts you ask??? Oh yes, Madison's is half finished in the basement and poor Cait's is still on the bolts of fabrics.
This is from another angle. The two dressers are from Target's Shabby Chic line. i really like them. To the right of the picture is the door. The little bit of a door in the right side of the picture is their closet. To the left of the picture is their bookshelf that is bursting with books. I am hopint to buy a bigger one, and paint that one black and put it in the guest room on the opposing wall of the bed.
The Railing Randy just put up. The hallway I painted. The new hardwood floor.The office to the left, the guestroom to the back, and the girls room and bathroom to the right.

My master bed room. Could you help me with decorations/wallhangings, and new bedding and window treatments. Don't look at the bed, we will be getting all new furniture one day with a king bed. I am willing to buy all new everything if I could find the right color. The color on the wall is smoked oyster from Valspar at Lowes. It is kind of smoky, kind of grey, kind of green.

My beautiful bathroom. This is looking into the bathroom from the bedroom.
This picture is so you can see the things I bought from Target for the cabinet (will add more later)
The shower and new window. There wasn't any windows before, we added one.

My shower with the curtain open. It is a standard tub and has jets...Love it! We put two cubby holes to the right of the shower head for shampoo soaps and everything else. I don't know if you can tell, but there is a 6 in deep ledge at the back of the tub. It is great for candles during a tub soak, feet during shaving and you would not believe how much bigger it makes the shower feel. We also put up one of those rounded shower curtains.

Thanks for stopping by and taking the tour. Next time I will put on a pot of coffee and you can stay awhile. .Do you need directions?


Katie said...

oh my GOSH!!!! The girls' bathroom looks SO SO SO much better (and I really liked it before!) There is just something about those neutrals in a bathroom! I love it!

Your house is very very clean. I am jealous.

As for the master bedroom....I don't know! You just need to find a comforter you love and go from there! I love the wall color in there!

Laura said...

Gorgeous! Every room looks like a showcase!
Thanks for the invitation, glad I could make time in my day to stop by!

Great idea for your shower to put the ledge in there. And I love the antique-ey storage ettigere that you have in the bathroom too! You guys have done an amazing job remodeling and decorating. Thanks again for the tour!

col said...


MaryB said...

Yes. Directions please. Could you just move next door to me? I live for all this home decor stuff. Id love to have a buddy to obsess and paint and shop with. AND I'll bet that your husband isn't always home on weekends either and I wouldn't have the Friday night blues so often...

Your house is SO very lovely. I am jealous. The color in the bedroom is gorgeous! bedding, hmmm.. how about red? HaHaHa. Seriously, though, how about some creamy white and warm pale gold with that smoky wall color?? TJ maxx and Stein Mart are alwyas good places to start. Also, Pottery Barn and e-bay.

I wonder if I ever passed you while shopping in Asia. Wouldn't that be funny. It is a small world, ya know?

The Quinn Report said...

I love, love, love the girl's room. The purple is such a great color.

I still can't get over how much work the 2 of you have done. AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it nice to be settled enough to FINALLY decorate everything just the way YOU want it! I'm soo envious. You did a beautiful job!

joanna said...

You all have done SO much! I love the purple (lavender?) in the girls' room. and all the furniture. And all the wall art and pretty much everything! It looks so grown up. I think you should go to TJ Maxx (Ross, marshalls, something like that) and find a bedcover you like, too.

Your Mother said...

It looks great! It is beautiful!